Do You Need a New Shower Screen?

6 May 2021
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No one likes a wet bathroom floor. If you have ever forgotten to close the shower screen before turning on the shower, you will be familiar with the mess that creates. However, while protecting the floor and keeping it dry is important, that isn't the only factor you must consider when looking at shower screens. When you are looking for a new shower screen, there are at least three practical concerns that you must think through before you select the best shower screen for your bathroom. Read More 

What You Should Know Before Installing Sheet Metal Shower Walls in Tiny Homes

30 March 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

An area of tiny home construction that can be difficult to design is the bathroom. You want something that is functional, fits a small area, but also has some appeal. You can't put in a typical shower stall because of the space limitation. One of the options is to use sheet metal instead. Before you decide to use sheet metal for your shower stall walls in your tiny home, consider the following things you should know. Read More 

Does your concrete surface need sealing?

12 February 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Do you have a concrete floor that has been installed for a few years but is no longer looking its best? When it is first created, a concrete floor should be sealed to prevent the surface from becoming damaged. If your concrete has never been sealed or if the concrete sealing has worn away after years of use, it is worth speaking to a concrete sealing company. They will explain how easy it is to apply a sealant to your concrete surface to prevent further damage. Read More