4 Crucial Considerations When Hiring Scaffolding Equipment

8 September 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Scaffolding equipment is crucial for contractors working at greater heights. When contrasted with ladders, scaffolds offer more safety at your worksite. Since they are costly to purchase, renting scaffolding equipment is more sensible, especially for short-term projects. Here are a few considerations to guide you when renting scaffolding equipment: 

Assess the Site Before Renting 

Proper site assessment is necessary for determining its safety before hiring scaffolding equipment. Check for overhead utility power lines, tree branches or communication cables that might impede the scaffold's proper function. Site assessment is also crucial in determining the type of scaffold you'll hire. 

For instance, opt for a cantilever scaffold if the existing ground conditions don't support your scaffolding equipment. Furthermore, you might want to choose suspended scaffolding if you are conducting paintwork or high storey floor repairs.

Choose the Ideal Scaffolding Equipment

Equipment inspections are imperative when you plan to hire your scaffolding. Avoid choosing scaffolds with bent or cracked poles. Furthermore, don't forget to examine scaffolding ropes or cables if you choose to go for suspended scaffolding. Other crucial features to consider when hiring your scaffolds include:

  • The scaffolding height — must be taller than the structure you are working on
  • The maximum weight it can support — must support multiple contractors and any additional equipment. Consider steel scaffolds, which can support the additional weight. PVC or fibreglass would be ideal when working near electrical power lines. 
  • The scaffold safety — check for the presence of safety features, including guardrails and access gates necessary to prevent fall accidents. Furthermore, avoid choosing scaffolds with extremely smooth planking boards that might cause slipping. 
  • Go for fire-resistant scaffolding if you plan to work in fire-prone sites. 

Consider Scaffolding Hire Terms and Conditions 

When hiring scaffolding equipment, ensure that the terms and conditions offered by the hire firm are reasonable. Ask whether they provide free transportation, onsite maintenance and technical support. If you need the scaffold for a long-term project, inquire whether the hiring company offers discounted rates. Additionally, check their modes of payments and terms, including manageable upfront deposits. 

Keep in Mind Scaffold Safety

Nothing is as vital as the safety of workers using the scaffolding equipment. Adequate training is crucial for the contractors using the equipment, especially when erecting, dismantling and transporting the scaffold. Furthermore, ensure proper personal protective equipment for all the workers on site. Besides, ensure thorough equipment inspection to determine whether any loose connections might endanger the scaffold's safety.

These are the four critical considerations when hiring a scaffold for your project. Consider performing a thorough site assessment, picking the ideal scaffolding and checking the hire terms and scaffold's safety before hiring.