Top Mistakes You Should Avoid When Building a Deck

23 July 2021
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Building a deck can be a wonderful way to upgrade and improve your home, and it might be something that you will want to do so that you can create a nice space for spending time outdoors, too. There are some common mistakes that people make when building a deck, and you'll want to avoid those same mistakes. These are some examples of common mistakes that you should watch out for and avoid during the deck construction process.

Not Using the Right Lumber

Perhaps the most important thing that you should be sure of when having a deck built is that the right lumber is used. It's important for the lumber to be pressure-treated or otherwise prepared for outdoor use, for example. Otherwise, you have to worry about the wood bowing, rotting or otherwise not holding up well against the rain and elements. Ensuring that your deck is built with good-quality lumber that is ready for outdoor use can be a bit more expensive, but it's certainly worth it in the long run.

Not Knowing About Building Codes

Many people think that building codes are really only a concern when having an entire home or commercial building built, and a lot of these individuals don't know that there are building codes that have to be followed when building a deck. However, in many places, there are building codes that apply to decks in particular. For example, you might be required to be sure that your deck is structurally sound and that it has railings for safety purposes. Find out about these building codes before planning and carrying out your deck building project.

Not Making It Cohesive With Your Home

When considering the design of your deck, you should definitely take a look at the outside of your home as a whole. After all, you'll want your deck to be both a functional and attractive addition to your home, and making sure that your new deck's style and appearance are cohesive with the exterior of your home can make a big difference. For example, you may want to pay attention to your home's exterior colours when deciding what colour you want to stain or paint your deck.

Not Making It the Right Size

Think carefully about the proper size of your deck before you get started with building a deck or before you hire someone to do it for you. Deck size obviously impacts pricing, so this is one reason why it's important. You should think about how much space you have in your yard and what you want to do on your deck, too. For example, if you have a bigger yard and want to set up a dining area and more on your deck, then you may want to choose to have a larger deck built.

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