Got kids? How to protect your timber floors from toddler damage

23 October 2019
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Kids brighten up any home, but they also come with lots of responsibility. After spending time changing diapers, picking up toys and preparing meals, you also shouldn't forget about your floors. Timber floors are warm, safe, and durable choices for your home. They're one of the best types of floors for kids because children can play around with a low risk of getting injured. And while timber is safe for children, children can cause damage to your floors if you don't practice proper maintenance. Read More 

Why Does Glass Stand Out Among Many Splashback Choices?

7 October 2019
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Your kitchen is the one place you should never compromise when it comes to quality and functionality. Possibly, it needs to be the best-looking section of your house because you spend lots of time in there when preparing edibles. It is also an excellent opportunity to assert your exquisite taste of materials, colours and finishes. You can start by choosing a suitable splashback for your kitchen. A splashback is a protective panel or screen installed behind a cooker or kitchen sink. Read More 

Three Crucial Guidelines to Follow When Having a Septic Tank Pumped

28 August 2019
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Most houses have a sewerage system where the waste moves through a system managed by the municipal council. There are, however, a few private residencies that own their own private waste disposal system that include a septic tank. The tank is usually located a few meters from the property. The tanks are set up to separate and decompose the waste that flows in. However, they do fill up with time, leading to the need for pumping. Read More 

The Best Way to Get Your Product Imported Quickly and Cheaply

21 May 2019
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Many businesses in Australia rely on imports from overseas, whether in the form of parts they assemble or as fully finished products they then sell on their shelves. These imports are worth billions to the Australian economy every year, and those that have a piece of the pie know how to make sure it is as valuable as possible. They do this with specialised services that provide expert knowledge when it comes to imports and how to get them through customs as cheaply and accurately as possible. Read More 

3 Spaces That Polycarbonate Roofing Are Best Suited

4 April 2019
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If you are only starting to use polycarbonate roofing sheets for your roofing projects, then that is a step in the right direction for your roofing business. Polycarbonate roofing offers an alternative to conventional roofing materials. The material is light, robust, and the best part is that the roofing allows enough light into space while still protecting occupants against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) sun rays. That said, it is one thing to install polycarbonate roofing and another thing to get the most out of it. Read More