3 Spaces That Polycarbonate Roofing Are Best Suited

4 April 2019
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If you are only starting to use polycarbonate roofing sheets for your roofing projects, then that is a step in the right direction for your roofing business. Polycarbonate roofing offers an alternative to conventional roofing materials. The material is light, robust, and the best part is that the roofing allows enough light into space while still protecting occupants against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) sun rays. That said, it is one thing to install polycarbonate roofing and another thing to get the most out of it. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your clients enjoy the full value of polycarbonate roofing, you need to know where the roofing is best suited. 

Patio or Deck 

Homeowners that love the outdoors almost always add a patio on their property to create an outdoor space that can be used for dining and relaxation purposes. Some patios are constructed roofless since some homeowners prefer to leave the area open. However, this strategy often makes the patio useless during harsh summers and rainy seasons. Since common roofing materials such as tiles and shingles don't allow light through, polycarbonate roof panels are a perfect alternative. The roof panels add a unique and beautiful look to a homeowner's patio without doing much. Furthermore, the panels are sturdy and can withstand weather elements for a long time. Most importantly, polycarbonate roofing is covered with a thin film that protects against UV light while still ensuring that your clients don't lose the natural light.

Garage Roofing 

Some homeowners don't have a dedicated garage; therefore, they opt to park their vehicles in open space on their property. Other homeowners erect a roof structure but use shade sails or tiles to protect their cars against direct sunlight. While these materials have their advantages, they have nothing on polycarbonate roofing. For example, shade sails require regular inspection to ensure that the anchors are tight and the material is still in good condition. It is because shade sails are prone to damage in extreme weather conditions. With polycarbonate panels, car owners don't have to worry about the structural integrity of their garage roofing. Because polycarbonate roofing is resistant to extreme temperatures, you do not have to worry about regular inspections.

Swimming Pool

If your clients are outdoor lovers, then you understand that the area around the swimming pool is arguably the best outdoor space for relaxation purposes. Therefore, the last thing that homeowners want is to retreat to the house just because it is raining or the sun is too hot. Although some homeowners add a roofed area next to the pool, they do not know how to cover the space above the swimming pool without compromising the beauty of the space. Polycarbonate roofing offers the perfect solution, and since it is available in different colours, you can help your client to match the roofing to the surrounding area. Therefore, whether it is raining or the sun is hotter than usual, homeowners are guaranteed uninterrupted and relaxed outdoor sessions at all times.