4 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips to Enhance Your System's Performance

11 April 2022
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Installing the ideal air conditioning systems is imperative for the comfort of your home. However, AC units require regular maintenance to function efficiently like any other system. These systems ensure your home has proper heating or cooling in winter or summer respectively.

When maintaining your air conditioner, you can do various things to ensure its optimal function and save more money and time down the line. Read on for some tips to get you started.  

Replace the Air Filters 

Almost all air conditioning systems come equipped with air filters to arrest dust, pet dander and other foreign elements. The filters deter contaminants from interfering with the normal function of your AC unit. 

However, these filters can get clogged up or dirty over time. The dirt will often result in icing on the AC unit, causing it to work harder than required. Therefore, it'll be prudent to replace these filters monthly to avert this problem.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Leaving the AC unit running all day long can result in massive energy consumption. Other homeowners don't remember to adjust their thermostats when leaving their homes. As a result, the air conditioning systems continue running all day, shortening their service life and costing them more money in utility bills. 

One way to fix this concern is by investing in a programmable thermostat. This device allows you to set your preferred temperature levels at specific times during the day. That helps you save more money and extend the unit's service life. 

Inspect Your Drain Lines 

Your AC system must drain excess moisture from the condenser unit via drain lines to function optimally. However, your drain lines might clog due to the growth of mould or algae. With preventative maintenance, you can fix this problem by periodically flushing the drain lines using an appropriate bleaching agent. Additionally, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck away all the clogs in your drain pipes. 

Call in Professional AC Maintenance Services 

There are numerous things your naked eye might fail to identify during routine maintenance of the air conditioning system. However, enlisting a professional air conditioning maintenance service can help reveal hidden issues. A reputable HVAC technician can check different electrical and mechanical components, assess coolant levels and determine the system's duct integrity. 

Therefore, consider enlisting a professional air conditioning expert at least once every year to conduct in-depth assessments and air quality checks on your AC units. That will help keep your system functioning efficiently and optimally for years. Look into air conditioning maintenance near you.