Does Your Commercial Refrigeration System Need Repair?

10 February 2022
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Refrigeration is vital for any business involved in food sale, storage or production. You might own a small cafe or manage a large factory producing thousands of ready-to-eat meals each day. Whatever the nature of your business, you undoubtedly need commercial refrigeration systems to maintain your food at a safe temperature so it will not spoil or have to be thrown out, causing your business a major financial loss.

If you notice that the temperature of your refrigeration unit starts to drift, it's important to get the unit checked as soon as possible. There may be a faulty door gasket that prevents a good seal from holding the door shut correctly. There might be a dirty fan, leaking refrigerant or even a faulty compressor. If you can't identify an obvious fault, it's best to arrange for a commercial refrigeration repair company to examine the refrigeration system and see what is causing the problem. If left alone, the problem is unlikely to self-correct and could get progressively worse. It may even cause the compressor to overheat, so arranging for a commercial refrigeration repair company to look at the unit without delay is the right decision.

What else could go wrong?

While the loss of temperature control is an obvious sign that something is not right with your refrigeration system, it isn't the only possible fault. It could be that you notice that water is pooling around your refrigeration unit. Alternatively, you might experience the opposite problem with ice building up inside your refrigeration unit. An ice build-up could be caused by the door of the unit being left open for too long, but it's also possible that poor ventilation is to blame. A commercial refrigeration repair company can help identify the fault and restore your unit to working order.

Most faults with commercial refrigeration units will leave visual indications, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes, a refrigeration unit could be emitting a concerning smell, or perhaps, making more noise than it usually does. If you have any concerns about your refrigeration system, a commercial refrigeration repair company is the best option.

What will the repair company do?

The skilled engineers from the commercial refrigeration repair company will examine the system and identify any areas causing concern. If any parts require cleaning or replacement, they will know how to act. The repair company will also look for components that may have become misaligned or are not functioning as they should. They will have the tools and knowledge needed to restore your refrigeration systems to optimal efficiency.

For more information, contact a commercial refrigeration repair service near you.