Do You Need a New Shower Screen?

6 May 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


No one likes a wet bathroom floor. If you have ever forgotten to close the shower screen before turning on the shower, you will be familiar with the mess that creates. However, while protecting the floor and keeping it dry is important, that isn't the only factor you must consider when looking at shower screens. When you are looking for a new shower screen, there are at least three practical concerns that you must think through before you select the best shower screen for your bathroom.

How will you access the shower?

Most people appreciate the benefits that a shower screen brings to a bathroom, but there can still be times that fitting a shower screen presents a challenge. If you have a small bathroom, or if the only practical place for a shower makes a swing shower door impossible, why not consider a sliding door? Bathroom space is often at a premium and sliding or bi-fold shower screens can save a lot of space and make standalone showers a practical option in rooms that would be otherwise unsuitable.

Will it make the room too dark?

In a bathroom, it is always best to allow in as much natural light as possible. When you are staring bleary-eyed into the mirror in the morning, you don't want to struggle to see whether you have left toothpaste around your mouth or lipstick on your cheek. Sometimes, people worry that a shower screen could block the light in the room, making it feel cramped and dark. If you suspect that the shower screen frame might block the light, you have the option of installing a frameless shower screen instead. It is always advisable to carefully examine the room and consider the possible consequences, before installing any new fitting.

Is the shower screen durable?   

Before fitting a new screen, it is best to think about how the screen will be used in your home. If you live alone, perhaps the only time that the shower screen is used is when you gently slide it open once a day. If you have a large household with four or five children running around, the shower screen may need to be much tougher to survive the rigours of family life. Before selecting a new shower screen, it is best to inquire about the screen toughness, and whether it was designed with family use in mind. If you have any doubts, a conventional fully framed shower screen could be the safest option.

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