Does your concrete surface need sealing?

12 February 2021
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Do you have a concrete floor that has been installed for a few years but is no longer looking its best? When it is first created, a concrete floor should be sealed to prevent the surface from becoming damaged. If your concrete has never been sealed or if the concrete sealing has worn away after years of use, it is worth speaking to a concrete sealing company. They will explain how easy it is to apply a sealant to your concrete surface to prevent further damage.

Why is concrete sealing needed?

You may have looked at a concrete floor or driveway and assumed that it is a solid surface. Concrete can certainly appear solid, but when you look closely enough, you will notice that there are many tiny holes and that concrete is actually porous. The porous nature of concrete means that it can be damaged by liquid spills, and its appearance can be spoiled by dirt that becomes ingrained. If the concrete is properly sealed after installation, a film barrier is placed over the concrete, and anything spilled on the surface will remain on the surface and can be wiped away without damaging the concrete. Also, in addition to the protective nature of concrete sealing, it is worth noting that there are at least two further benefits of concrete sealing. Concrete that has been sealed looks better than unsealed concrete. The sealing film adds a lustre to the concrete and significantly brightens its appearance. Concrete sealing will also make future maintenance of your concrete surface much easier. Instead of scrubbing the surface to try to clean it, you will only need to wipe away the dirt since it will not be able to penetrate below the surface of the film. This benefit is particularly noticeable on outside concrete surfaces since they are exposed to the rigours of the Australian climate and can quickly become dirty.

Arranging for concrete sealing

If you have a concrete surface that needs sealing, then it is best to speak to your local concrete sealing company. They will be happy to explain how the concrete sealing process might work and what can be done to improve the appearance of the concrete before completing the sealing process. If you have any specific questions about concrete sealing, they should be happy to arrange a site visit so that they can see any problems first-hand and identify a way to achieve the result that you need.

To learn more, contact a concrete sealing company.