Two tips for those having a new pharmacy fitted in a commercial building

19 November 2020
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If a retail shop fittings specialist will be helping you to create a pharmacy in a commercial building, you may be interested in the advice given here.

Make sure there is a seating area near the prescription counter area

When the fitting contractor is helping you to choose design features and a layout for the pharmacy, you should clarify that you will need them to create space for a seating area beside the counter where the pharmacists will be providing prescription medicines.

Many of the people who will visit this section of the pharmacy will be having prescriptions filled because they are ill, elderly or injured. If on busy days when queues form at this counter, these weak or unwell people have nowhere to sit and rest whilst they wait for their name to be called, there is a possibility that they might faint or feel so ill that they need to leave before they can collect their prescription. Any fainting spells could disrupt your retail business quite a bit, and people leaving before their prescriptions are ready could result in you having to store these on your premises and try to get in touch with the customers they belong to at a later stage.

By making sure that your layout allows for the construction of a seating area beside this counter, you can ensure that those who are unable to remain standing in long queues on busy days will have somewhere to sit whilst they wait.

Put the prescription counter at the back of the pharmacy

Many pharmacies have multiple counters, one of which is used by customers who need prescriptions filled and several others that can be used by those who wish to purchase toiletries, beauty products or OTC medicines. If you'll be having several counters like this built on your premises, you should ask the retail fitters to put the prescription counter at the very back of the pharmacy.

Many customers may enter the pharmacy each day with the sole intention of collecting their prescriptions. If the prescription counter is positioned right near the pharmacy's entrance, then this is exactly what most of these customers will do.

However, if this counter is fitted at the back of this retail space, then these customers will need to walk through aisles of cosmetics, toiletries and skincare items to reach their destination. If they have to walk past these things, they are more likely to stop and take a look at them, find something they like or remember that they need, and purchase this along with their prescription. In this manner, this layout could lead to significantly higher sales figures.

Reach out to a professional who provides pharmacy fit-outs for more ideas.