Top Factors to Consider when Buying Water Pumps for Construction Projects

20 October 2020
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Water pumps are a crucial piece of equipment in a construction site. Regardless of the distance from a source of water, contractors can rely on pumps for uninterrupted supply. However, pumps have varying capabilities, and different factors dictate their performance. Therefore, buying a pump that meets your project needs requires a strategic approach. Here are vital considerations to help you purchase a pump that works for you. Read on.

Flow Rate

An effective pump supplies the right amount of water depending on project requirements. The best way to gauge a water pump's effectiveness is to examine its flow rate, usually measured in litres per minute. Therefore, contractors should determine the appropriate flow rate before they buy a pump. If they don't do it, they might end up buying a pump that does not meet project requirements. Notably, pumps with relatively low flow rates are suitable for home or farm use, but not construction sites. On the other hand, pumps with high flow rates deliver large quantities of water within a short time and are perfect for large construction projects.

Inlet Size

Each part of a water pump is crucial for optimal performance. The inlet is one such part, and it is the passage through which water goes into a pump. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the size of an inlet when buying a water pump. The reason is that there is a common misconception that the inlet size of water pumps is standard. However, nothing could be further from the truth because the size of an inlet dictates the amount of water that a pump can draw. Therefore, a pump with a big inlet draws in large amounts of water compared to one with a small inlet. Since construction projects require vast amounts of water at any given time, contractors are better off with large inlet pumps.

Water Source

A project's source of water determines the type of pump to buy. It is because different sources of water present varying sediment issues that can affect a pump's performance. For instance, water from an underground tank has less sediment and poses no threat to a pump's filters. However, if you are drawing water from a river, the chances are high that a pump will suck in sediment. The pump you for such a water source must have a robust filtration system to prevent contamination of construction material.

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