Could your business benefit from automatic doors?

24 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you manage retail or commercial premises, then you should think about the advantages that automatic doors can bring to your premises. While you may be primarily concerned about what happens inside your building, the way that people access your building can have a significant effect on how highly they rate their customer experience. Their means of access can also have implications for your business running costs. Here are three reasons that you should think about arranging for an automatic door installation on your premises.

Ease of entry

Any business owner should want to make it easy for people to enter and leave their premises. Arranging for an automatic door installation company to design and fit new doors on your premises is a great way to allow people easy access to your building. Not only do automatic sliding doors look great but they open wide as you approach them, meaning that whether you are delivering goods, pushing a loaded shopping trolley or taking a friend in a wheelchair on a shopping trip, you can get in and out of the building quickly and without any hassle or any need to touch doors, which can often become a source of contamination even if they are cleaned regularly.

Improved security

While an automatic door installation does make access easy, it can also be used as a means of improving security. If your doors are automatic, then they will remain shut for most of the time, only opening when someone walks through them. Since the doors must open every time the doorway is used, you can have confidence that nobody is entering or leaving without being observed and the security of your premises is improved without requiring people to ring a bell for admission to your business.

Steady temperature

One of the biggest problems for business environments with a high footfall is maintaining a constant temperature on their premises. If you have a swing door on your business's premises, then you will be aware that many people do not close it properly after they leave and the door is often left swinging in the wind, allowing the outside air to enter your building and equalise the temperature. When you have an automatic door installation, you know that the door will only open when someone needs entry and will soon close behind them, reducing your need for heating or air conditioning and lowering your costs.

Reach out to a professional who provides automatic door installation services for more information.