Modern Contemporary Homes: Learn Key Features

19 February 2020
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Modern contemporary homes have a dynamic design thanks to their minimalistic style and clean lines, which offer a distinct curb appeal. What separates them from other designs is the use of natural materials, geometric shapes and asymmetric features.

Since the design is driven by function and simplicity, the interiors of the house feature open spaces that allow plenty of light. From today's modern homes to the classic mid-century designs, contemporary homes combine practicality and beauty.

What makes up a great contemporary home?  Here are a few features of contemporary homes you should know.

Simple Geometrics

Many contemporary homes feature a clean, sleek aesthetic that is free from the exterior details. They may employ unique materials but there are little adjustments in terms of moulding or decorative trim. These homes may not always feature simple lines. Curved facades are common in such homes and they help break the visual or geometric monotony.

Flat Roofs

Homes with contemporary architecture often feature overhanging roofs. They are a great choice for your home as they provide additional shade while safeguarding your home from the elements. Still, they can extend the architecture into the outdoors, which creates an enjoyable outdoor space as well as a more cohesive design.


Contemporary homes are designed to be used by modern people, who tend to be more aware of the need for an eco-friendly home. This could either be the large windows that allow more natural light or the natural materials that go into building the house.

The warmth coming from the window makes the place feel snug and warm, rather than soulless, sterile and cold.

A Functional Kitchen

Contemporary homes incorporate an industrial feel, and this is seen in the kitchen design. Materials such as concrete, granite, marble and stainless steel are mostly used. Unadorned, but simple cabinetries feature areas of open, sleek shelving.

Functional is of great importance in any contemporary kitchen. This means plenty of counter space, efficiently worked space and minimal embellishment.

Outdoor to indoor Flow

A contemporary home provides a smooth flow from the exterior to the interior of your home. If you implement intelligent landscaping, then it can complement and soften the geometric shapes and bold lines.

The oversized windows bring breathtaking exterior views into the interior space, which smooths the transition between outdoor and indoor living space. Homes that feature sliding doors offer streamlines outdoor living spaces and decks that blends perfectly with the architecture.

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