How A Simple Grate Could Stop Serious Injuries On Your Property

22 July 2019
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Whether you are a small business owner or just have a large property with uneven terrain, the danger of someone stumbling and falling due to trenches and gutters is quite significant. Often it is not the most obvious danger that causes the most injuries because everyone is aware of it and acts careful around it. However, if you are not aware of any drains or small ditches in the property then you could easily fall and hurt yourself. You should never accept the risk of having any injuries under your watch, which means that anything you can do to minimise these risks should be considered. 

Trench Grates

A trench grate is a very simple piece of equipment that is built to cover up any small indentations in the ground. Usually these are put over the top of open gutters because these are the only really common tripping hazard when out and about. However, if you have a unique building or property design that has a lot of uneven sections then you might want to consider getting trench grates on top of them as well. Remember that as a property owner you do have responsibility for the safety of visitors on your land, and unexpected falls can cause serious damage.

What Does A Trench Grate Do?

Trench grates are better than simply filling in these recesses in the ground because a trench grate allows water to flow. Many of these trenches are purposefully built to allow excess stormwater to drain properly and not remain in a highly trafficked region. A trench grate simply provides a level of safety while not stopping this planned drainage system. Trench grates can be as long and wide as needed but generally they are better suited to long, thin channels rather than extremely wide areas. 

What Is The Trench Grate Build Out Of?

Trench grates are generally made of very sturdy steel and come in a range of designs that allow you to customise it to your specific environment. These designs each have a specific purpose; for example, some designs are better at holding up a lot of weight while others have hinges on them to allow easy access to the trench below. When looking for the appropriate trench design you should contact your local trench grate contractor and explain your situation. They will help you to decide which trench grate system is best for you and can install them very quickly to prevent any possible falls in the near future.