Benefits of Using a Steel Fabrication Service for Custom Fencing

12 March 2019
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There are certain projects you will have on your property that will require steel fabrication. One of the most common deals with fencing. You may have a custom fencing project for a residential tennis court, backyard fencing, or pool fencing. These custom jobs can be done by a fencing contractor, but there are benefits to having specific custom work done by a steel fabricator. Here are a few of those benefits to consider.

Steel Designs

When you think about your custom fencing, you likely think about custom sizes and dimensions. The truth is, if you use a steel fabrication manufacturer, you can do more than just choose different dimensions. The fabrication manufacturer can help you with special designs, ranging from steel monograms to steel-based images and landscapes. This can be ideal if you are looking for unique gate entrances or if you need to have a certain pattern or design for garden fencing or pool fencing.

Attachment Accommodations

When you have fencing projects, such as residential tennis court fencing, you may have attachments to that fencing. For example, you may have a retractable awning or a windscreen. These options attach directly to the fencing and need special attachment points. Your steel fabrication manufacturer can help with a design that will be built into the fencing posts for fencing itself rather than simply attached to the fencing posts. This can make attaching options easier and look seamless when completed.

Specialty Gates and Posts

There are some times when the fencing itself can be traditional, but you need steel fabrication for gates and posts. This is where a steel fabricator can offer the most benefit to you. They can help design speciality posts based on your design and landscaping needs as well as gates that fit your needs. For example, you may want your posts to have a certain shape such as a rectangular instead of spherical. You may also want a monogrammed gate or artistically designed garden gate for garden entrances. This can also be helpful for pool fencing where you may want a mesh style gate rather than a full steel design. 

By considering these benefits, you can decide if a steel fabrication professional is the right choice for your custom fencing needs. You can also work with your contractor to determine if they have a steel fabrication manufacturer they work with or one on their staff. If you are ready to get started, contact your fencing contractor and local steel fabricators with your custom needs.