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The Top Benefits of Using Helical Piles for Foundation Construction

The foundation of a property, be it commercial or residential, is essential for the stability of the entire building. Therefore, when deliberating with your contractors on what supplies are to be employed for your building, you should never try to skimp on your foundation materials. One of the top options that you can choose is helical piles, also referred to as screw piles. These structures comprise steel shafts and steel plates that have the ability to withstand both tension and compression forces. Not only can they be utilised for the construction of a new foundation, but they are also great for securing older foundations that are starting to succumb to decline. If it is your first time hiring piling contractors for foundation work, read on for a few of the benefits of utilising helical piles.

Time-efficient installation

One of the main reasons why helical piles are a top choice for foundation construction is their fast turnaround times. The size of these piles ensures that they do not need specialised machinery to be transported to the site. Secondly, helical piles can be installed irrespective of the weather conditions since they are not averse to wet conditions like, for example, concrete. Lastly, the helical piles are a convenient option for your foundation system since they do not need to cure, which means the construction of your foundation will be completed in a short time.

Eco-conscious option

The construction of a foundation can be incredibly messy. And depending on the type of foundation that you choose for your building, you may have to contend with a substantial amount of environmental degradation once your building is erected. Helical piles are a better, eco-conscious solution since they cause a minimal degree of site damage. For starters, the piling contractors do not have to engage in soil cutting, which means the construction site should stay intact during the foundation construction process. Moreover, the installation of the helical piles is a process that does not require heavy construction equipment, so there is no construction vibration. Another massive benefit that helical piles provide the environment is that they can easily be extracted years down the line to be re-used at a different location without causing any inherent damage to the original site.

Cost-efficient installation

Although foundation construction can be an expensive affair, opting to employ helical piles can make this project quite affordable. Since the helical piles are easily transportable, you will not pay expensive shipping costs. Additionally, the quick installation ensures that your piling contractors' expenses are not through the roof. And since the installation of helical piles does not result in too much on-site waste, you will not have excessive on-site clean-up to deal with!

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