Why You Need a Land Development Consultant

7 December 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Land development can be quite challenging without a proper plan. A land development consultant is a person specialising in helping clients plan sustainable developments. The consultant has a berth of knowledge in property development and local laws that might impact a proposed project. Below are a few reasons why you should hire a land development consultant before proceeding with a proposed development. 

Zoning regulations

The consultant will conduct some research on zoning regulations that may influence your proposed project. For instance, some local councils zone some areas for residential developments; therefore, it would be illegal to construct office blocks or industrial complexes in such areas. If a natural resource such as a river runs through the property, the consultant will advise you regarding state law on riparian land. 

Access to amenities

If the land is currently undeveloped, the consultant will assess the availability of essential amenities such as power, water and sewerage services. If you are planning a commercial development, he or she will calculate the amount of power and water you need. The consultant will advise on the viability of bore water and suitable locations for septic tanks if you want such facilities on the property.

Environmental considerations

Below are some of the environmental issues the development consultant will help you address. 

  • Pollution. Will the development cause land, water or air pollution? You need to address this at an early stage. In Australia, there are restrictions on the hours that noisy machinery can operate. Stormwater from the development can cause pollution in nearby water sources.
  • The consultant will help you come up with a waste management plan during construction. He or she will help you determine materials you can recycle or reuse.
  • The consultant will evaluate the impact of the development on existing ecosystems. He or she will advise you how to avoid disrupting the ecosystems.
  • The consultant will evaluate how the area's topography and soil structure will affect the development. 

Industry and market knowledge

Land development consultants are experts in the real estate industry. Your consultant will evaluate the viability of the proposed project. The consultant can help you remodel the project to ensure it is attractive to clients. For projects that require substantial amounts of capital, the consultant can link you up with prospective investors. 

Before engaging the land development consultant do some research on the consultant's previous projects. In such a way, you can gauge whether he or she is suitable for your proposed development. A land development consultant will advise you regarding zoning regulations, access to amenities, environmental considerations and the viability of the project.