Why Choose Glass Over Stainless Steel for Your Kitchen Splashback?

5 December 2018
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Adding a splashback to your kitchen is a great way to enhance the room's style and protect its walls, but homeowners often find it tough to decide on the right material. Plenty end up having to choose between stainless steel and glass; there are benefits on both sides, but here are just a few reasons why you might want to choose a glass splashback.

Unlimited Colour Variations

Stainless steel is generally used in commercial kitchens where practicality is valued much higher than looks. Some like its slightly industrial appearance, but you'll generally find that stainless steel backsplashes don't make your kitchen look very inviting or homey, and you can't get it in any other colours. In contrast, glass splashbacks can be had in just about every colour imaginable, so you can create something more visually exciting that feels like it belongs in a home rather than a commercial building.

Harder to Scratch and Dent

One of the major drawbacks with stainless steel is that it can be dented and scratched quite easily. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll need to replace it, which is why stainless steel splashbacks can last so long. However, most people won't like to have a scratched or dented splashback throwing off the style of their kitchen. The toughened glass used for glass splashbacks is much tougher than stainless steel, so you're far less likely to see scratches or dents.

More Reflective

Stainless steel and glass are both reflective, which is great news for your kitchen. A reflective splashback will reflect natural light around your kitchen to eliminate shadowy areas. However, stainless steel is generally a little less reflective than glass since it needs to be dulled before being installed. You won't be able to see your face in it. For more pronounced benefits of a reflective backsplash surface, choose glass over stainless steel.

Lower Cost

People are often surprised by how high costs can run when fitting a backsplash. If you want to avoid a hefty bill, glass and stainless steel will both set you back less than something like natural stone. That said, stainless steel is generally a little more expensive than glass. You can cut costs down even further by choosing glass tiles instead of a single pane – this means it won't need to be cut to your exact specifications, and it will be much easier to install. This isn't an option with stainless steel backsplashes.