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Three Common Causes Of Blocked Drains That You Can Avoid

Blocked drains are a nuisance when they occur, but 99% of the time they can be avoided simply by changing a few common habits. As someone who has just moved out of home for the first time, the faster you learn what the common causes of blocked drains are, the less chance you have of it happening to you. Here are three things you should never do if you want your drains to keep flowing clearly.

Keep Food Out Of The Sink

When you are scraping off the plates at night, it's easy to just dump items like mashed potato into the sink with the intention of washing it down the drain with water. Sure you need to poke it through the sink strainer, but that doesn't take much effort. The problem with doing this is if there is something already partially blocking your drain pipes, then larger food particles can pile up behind it. Next thing you know, the pipe is blocked and the water is back flowing into your sink. Coffee grounds are another foodstuff commonly flushed that shouldn't be. When it comes to food of all types, put it in your rubbish bin.

Keep Oil Out Of The Sink

When you are washing up your dishes at night, you may think that using enough hot water and dishwashing detergent on food oil and grease is going to be enough to break it up so it flushes down the drain. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. When oil and fats pass into your drain, eventually they are no longer kept liquid by hot water. They then re-solidify and congeal to block your drain. Oils and fat should be placed in a container, like an old coffee tin. Once the container is full, then it can be placed in the rubbish bin.

Keep Thick Paper Out Of The Toilet

From paper towels to flushable wipes, some people have the incorrect idea that if it's a paper product, it can be flushed in the toilet. After all, toilet paper is nothing more than a paper product, right? The difference between toilet paper and paper towels is the size and the thickness of the paper. If you flush paper towels and flushable wipes constantly down your toilet, eventually they will stick together with the foodstuffs and body oils flowing down your drain. Next thing you know, you have a blocked drain of an epic proportion.

Now that you know how to avoid a blocked drain, you can change your daily living habits. If you do end up with a blocked drain, then you need to call your local plumber and get them to take care of it for you.

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