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Constructing a New Structure? Consider Timber Wall Frames

One of the most popular construction systems employed in Australia is framed construction. Two of the most common supplies used for the construction of homes and other structures is steel and timber. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a cost-efficient material that for your build, you should consider timber wall frames. These frames can be put together to create a modern styled home or a rustic, traditional bungalow, so you are never limited on design. Furthermore, timber wall frames offer an assortment of additional advantages, as illustrated below.

Timber wall frames are made from natural materials 

Since timber has been utilised for structural application for time immemorial, some people tend to underrate the benefits that it provides by being a naturally sourced supply. For starters, timber is a non-toxic building material, so you never have to be considered about toxic fumes seeping into your home. Furthermore, as the structure ages, the timber will age naturally with it too.

Timber wall frames are sustainable

Another advantage of timber that is extremely crucial especially in this day and age of eco-conscious living is the sustainability that it provides when dealing with building supplies. Since wood is a renewable material, you can be assured that you wall frames are not having an adverse impact on the planet. Secondly, opting for timber for your wall frames means you are contributing to the local economy since native species are milled locally. Lastly, the manufacture of the timber wall frames does not produce harmful vapours into the atmosphere, so it does not cause pollution.

Timber wall frames offer high insulation

While every home build will require insulation installation, timber wall frames are one of the supplies that could decrease the degree of insulation that you need. The inherent insulating properties that timber provides means that your new structure will be less vulnerable to thermal gain from Australia's temperate climate. Resultantly, since your structure will have a high degree of insulation, it will take air conditioning to keep it either cool or warm. This advantage is critical since it translates into less fossil fuel consumption.

Timber wall frames provide a fast build time

Nobody wants to wait for aeons for their new structure to be built. But depending on the supplies that you choose, the construction of your house can take a significantly long time. Timer wall frames offer a fast build time since they are available in an array of profiles. From pre-cut wall frames to the modulated variety, your contractors can have your house ready for you in a short while.

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