Urgent Electrical Repairs That Should Never Be Discounted

1 December 2018
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Despite the robust power that electricity has, homeowners tend to underestimate this type of energy. As long as their electrical system is in working order, homeowners will rarely pay any mind to it. Furthermore, when electrical issues crop up, some people will not give a second thought to attempting to remedy the problem on their own. However, electrical malfunctions can be incredibly dangerous Not only should professional contractors address them but you also need to discern what constitutes an emergency so that you can seek repairs immediately. Here is a succinct list of urgent electrical repairs that should never be discounted. 

Electrical wires are exposed

There are a couple of reasons why your electrical wires can become exposed. Most commonly, it occurs because the electrical wiring is old, so the general wear causes the insulation to degrade. Secondly, the electrical wires could also be exposed if the right installation practices were not following during the construction of the building. Regardless of the cause, exposed wires should be attended to immediately because they could be electrical currents running through them, which poses a palpable threat of electrocution.

Burn marks present on electrical outlets

If you notice whiffs of smoke emanating from electrical outlets or if you can sell smoke with no discernible reason why then chances are your electrical system is compromised. Left undeterred, the burning starts to manifest on your outlets too, as the smoke stems from electrical fires inside the outlet. The burning is a stark indicator of your electrical circuits being overloaded. However, this problem can also occur when there is dust accumulating inside the outlet, extensive damage to the electrical wires on a circuit that is arcing.

Loud humming noises from your circuit breaker

Circuit breakers generally tend to emit a low hum when they are in operation, and this is due to the electrical currents that are passing through it. Nonetheless, any changes to this low hum should be cause for alarm. When your circuit breaker starts to make loud humming noises, it can mean that it is not functioning as it is supposed to. And since the circuit breaker is tasked with tripping when there is a circuit overload, there is the likelihood that your house could be at risk of an electrical fire.

It should be noted that if this humming is not addressed, it can steadily transform into sizzling sounds that mean that one of the wires is on fire. The moment you notice that your circuit breaker is making more noise than usual, it is judicious to see immediate electrical repairs.