Why High Ceilings Should Be a Must-Have in Your New Home Design

13 November 2018
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When you are planning the design of your new home, it is not uncommon to find that you will focus more on the interior design of the home rather than pay a substantial amount of thought on the architectural design. When you are hands-on with the architectural design of your new residence, you get the chance to include features that will not only boost the appeal of the house but bolster its functionality too. One feature that is usually associated with mansions but can be a great inclusion to any sized house is high ceilings. Read on for some irresistible reasons why high ceilings should be a must-have in your new home design.

High ceilings will add a touch of elegance to the interiors

High ceilings, without a doubt, are one of the features that will add an instant touch of elegance to your space. These ceilings are a staple in cathedrals, hotel lobbies and more because they are striking. Furthermore, once you have high ceilings in your home, you will find that you have much more flexibility with your décor options. For example, chandeliers are a great form of lighting that will complement your high ceiling. Alternatively, if your architectural design is leaning more towards the rustic side, you could install beams that will add a touch of country charm to your interior.

High ceilings will increase the space in your home

Space can be an issue in any home. You may think that as long as you have excessive square footage, then your home will be spacious and airy, but in truth the more furnishings and furniture you include in your interiors, the more cramped they will appear. High ceilings are fantastic for houses of all sizes because the vertical space that they add to the room pulls the eye upward. Hence, your home looks much larger than it really is! Not to mention that the vertical space that high ceilings accord you also gives you the opportunity to install tall bookcases or other forms of storage to ensure that the rest of your home does not appear cramped due to clutter.

High ceilings enhance the efficiency of your home

One notable aspect about high ceilings that is rarely talked about is how they help enhance the energy efficiency of your home. The height of the ceilings allows warm air to rise, leaving room for cool air to fill up your interiors. Keeping in mind Australia's hot climate and high humidity, the high ceilings will add comfort to your home. 

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