Why you should install a safety-related software program for your construction site

12 November 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Due to the multiple risks that face construction companies on a daily basis, ensuring a safe working environment has always been a top concern. There are many ways civil engineering experts help companies to reduce the risk of accidents on the work site. From proper safety training to better maintenance of machines, promoting workplace safety involves many different coordinated efforts.

Advancements in technology have provided a new way for your construction company to reduce the risk of accidents. You can now procure and install safety-related software programs that work to create a safer working environment.

These software programs contain advanced features that improve machine safety, evaluate risk in real time, and provide data-driven solutions for eliminating risk. For example, the software may be used on a crane to control load sway and to reduce the risk of a load falling off the machine.

But why should you take the extra step of using these safety-related software programs?

1. Fewer accidents and liability issues

As you would expect, installing and using this software results in fewer accidents on the work site. Many civil engineers are encouraging project owners and contractors to take advantage of better technology as a means of risk management. The cost-benefit ratio of using this software is large, as you can significantly mitigate your liability to workers and other people on the construction site.

There are many safety-related features within these software programs. For example, these platforms can be used to monitor the load weight and lift speed of cranes, boom lifts and excavators. By controlling the movement and speed of these loads, operators can avoid making costly errors and causing unintended accidents.

2. Less wear and tear on equipment

Safety-related software goes beyond reducing risk. It can also be used to improve the durability of your equipment. For example, with better load monitoring, your machines will experience less wear and tear when being used on a frequent basis.

The software can also be used to implement a predictive maintenance plan. This plan involves better monitoring machine performance and identifying problems before your equipment breaks down. Excavator tyres can be checked and replaced before they're damaged, while the transmission of your bulldozer can be serviced before it locks up in the middle of a busy day.

3. More efficient and less costly operations

Safety-related software programs also result in more efficient operations. There are features that ensure more accurate load movement and positioning in an effort to reduce risk.

With reduced risk levels, accurate load movement also results in a more efficient overall process. This allows you to save time and reduce costs associated with project delays.