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Should You Conduct a Pre-Purchase House Inspection?

Searching for a new house can be exciting, and it can be hard to stop yourself once you have made up your mind after finding the house of your dreams. Everything can seem perfect at the beginning, but once the dust settles, you could end up with lots of disappointments. To avoid this, you should get building inspection services before you sign on that dotted line. A trained pair of eyes will offer you an objective and practical view of the house you wish to invest in.

Are you still wondering if it's necessary to hire a house inspection professional? Below are some reasons why inspecting the house before finalising the property purchase process is essential.

Determine structural soundness

It's usual to assume that a house placed on the market is structurally sound, but it doesn't hurt to be cautious. It's unlikely for a second-hand home to produce a clean report. Although it may appear perfectly done on the outside, an expert building inspector can quickly note hidden defects other people never look for like rising damp, cracking walls, rusty roofs, rotting beams and much more. Once you hire an inspector, they'll offer a detailed report that shows if the house is structurally sound or not.

Pinpoint safety issues

Moving into a new home that is structurally damaged is dangerous because you'll be putting your family at risk. Ensure your house is the safest place for your family to live in. Through a pre-purchase building inspection, the expert will pinpoint all the safety problems that could compromise the safety of your loved ones. This includes revealing if the residence is free of hazardous substances like mildew, mould and asbestos, among others.

What's more, fire and electrical hazards must be cleared. Poor wiring can result in a fire or possible electrocution. Faulty smoke detectors make matters worse. Getting an inspection will give you peace of mind, and you will sleep soundly knowing everyone is safe.

Estimate the repair expenses

All homes are not perfect, and this means dealing with any leftover damages and repair costs. You don't want to negotiate the final sale price if you don't know the actual condition of the house. Who will pay for the repair expenses if you don't bargain? Once you get the inspection report, use it to negotiate the sale price. The seller may choose to do the repairs or reduce the cost so you can do the repairs yourself. By knowing the items that require repair, it will be easy to estimate the cost.

For more information on obtaining a building inspection report, contact your local inspection services today.

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