3 Tips to Selecting the Right Door Locks and Handles

11 November 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Builders' hardware refers to products that constructors mount to fixtures like doors, cabinets and windows to allow them to move easily and protect them. These products include door locks and handles and hinges. Door hardware in your home will tell more about your personality. When renovating your home, you can give it a new appealing look by going for the correct door locks and handles. This could increase the value of your home if you have the intention of selling it. The following are some of the things you should consider when you are choosing door locks and handles.

1. Style

Most people will not take the task of choosing door handles as serious as they do with the interior designing of their home. However, you should take the design of the doors into consideration if you want the best results. You should consider the theme of the building that you are buying the handles for. The design of each room that will need the handles and the design of the door is something you should also take into consideration.

If your home has a traditional design, then going for angular handles will fit perfectly. Considering door designs is important because there are some who prefer to have different door designs for each room in their home while there are those who prefer having the same door design. If you have the same door designs, you should decide whether it will suit you well if you have the similar handles for consistency or you will have different types of handles.

2. Security

Security is something everyone would want for their home. Of course, you will lock your door each time you leave your home, and with this, you may feel that your home is safe. However, there are locks that offer high security. Most people often choose between tubular locks and mortice locks. If you need a more secure lock for your front entry, you should go for mortice locks. Tubular locks are easy to install, and it is easy to weaken this lock by using a heavy object hence giving burglars access to your home. However, mortice locks have more structural strength hence offering added security as it is not easy to break them.

3. Door Function

The function of your door will help you choose the right handles and locks. For hallways, you may consider getting a non-locking knob. Your bathrooms and bedroom will need a locking knob for more privacy. Therefore, this will help you get the perfect hardware for your door.