Why a Ducted Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioner Is the Best Choice for Your New Home

10 November 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're building a new home and configuring all your utilities, you will undoubtedly want to focus on the internal temperature, so you keep your family cool or warm according to the prevailing weather conditions. You may know that there are different types of air conditioning systems, but somebody has told you to consider one that is based on a ducted, reverse-cycle approach. What is this and why should it be high on your list?

Comparing the Options

Some people choose to get individual units that they will then hang on the wall within each room and service this space independently. This has its advantages and drawbacks, and it may be challenging to maintain a comfortable environment throughout the home on a consistent basis. However, with a ducted unit, you can configure the temperature to work in every room of the house at the same time and furthermore, the vents that deliver the conditioned air are unobtrusive, unlike their wall-mounted cousins.

Low-Cost, Long-Term

Ducted air conditioners are also low maintenance and less likely to need replacement than the wall mounted counterpart. While this system may be a little more costly to install at the outset, you will undoubtedly save money during its lifetime and thus make it a better investment for the long term.


You can use this type of system to heat or cool your home and won't need to install two separate units to do so. Some people have separate cooling and heating systems mounted on their roof and may have to install separate vents for them to work properly. This type of complexity comes with additional costs and potential repair bills.

Flexible Layout

Work with your technicians to design a layout that will give you optimal conditions throughout the home. You may find that it is better to place the ducts at floor level instead of in the ceiling. Further, you will be able to create a ducted system that has individual settings, so you can isolate some rooms that may be unoccupied in a given day and cut down on unnecessary usage.

Good for the Environment

Most people want to be environmentally friendly and do their bit as a good citizen, and if you are one of them, you will be pleased to know that a ducted reverse cycle air-conditioner is several times more efficient than a traditional electric heater. When you take it all into account, this should be your course of action, so discuss the options with your technician as soon as possible.