Get your deposit in full with these easy to-do tips during an end-of-lease cleaning

7 November 2018
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When moving into a rental house, apartment or business premises, it is highly unlikely to find the place in bad repair. It is the expectation of the owner/manager of the premises that you leave the premises the way you found it at the end of your stay, and in the event that you cause any damages to the property, that you account for the damage. Such payment is recovered by deducting the deposit or bond you paid when you first moved into the premises. Notably, moving out could end up costing you a fortune. It, therefore, helps if you can get all your deposit back to finance your movement. Below are some critical tips to ensure you get your bond/deposit back from the property owner.

Hire Professionals

Hiring a reputable cleaning contractor is the first step in ensuring that you will get your deposit back. The professionals are your biggest shot because you lack the expertise and tools to do the cleaning. They will take care of any small detail, even the smallest stains on the floor or walls.

Moreover, despite its title, end-of-lease cleaning is not only restricted to the actual cleaning but also to paint jobs if your stay damaged the painting, replacement of the fixtures such as doorknobs, taps, light switches and so on. You should, therefore, make sure that you look for relevant contractors.

Look for insurance

When hiring cleaning or repair contractors, make sure that they are insured so that in the event that any further damage is caused, you will not incur extra costs.

Be there when the inspection is being done

Once the professionals have done their job, and the manager or owner of the property comes to inspect the premises, make sure that you are there. You need to walk with the person inspecting so that you are able to see things you might have missed. In so doing, you will be able to resolve any problem in time.

Monitor the overall cost

Only you will know the deposit or bond that you expect from your landlord/lady. When carrying out an end-of-lease cleaning, it is prudent to make sure that you do not spend a lot more than what your bond covers. Look for cost-effective contractors to avoid overspending. However, the best way to minimise expenses is to make sure you take care of the premises while you are the tenant. 

For more information and tips, contact your local cleaning company today.