3 Latest Technology Trends for Tennis Court Construction Contractors

1 November 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


For tennis hobbyists, amateurs and professionals, technology continues to play an essential role in enhancing the experience of playing on a quality tennis court. As a tennis court construction contractor, it means staying up to date with the latest technological advancements in the field. The objective is to gain client confidence through the application of the latest technologies. Therefore, scouring the internet and subscribing to receive a newsletter with industry information is, for instance, essential to gaining a competitive edge in the tennis court construction niche. This article provides insight into some of the newest technologies in tennis court construction.

Live Ball and Foot Tracking and Transmission -- When constructing tennis courts today, contractors often install ball-tracking cameras to assist umpires to make in/out decisions easily. However, the latest developments have led to the emergence of more intricate ball and foot tracking systems that rely on multiple cameras. These systems will help tennis court users enjoy a more streamlined playing experience. The technology can be integrated with in-field LED screens to give tennis lovers a chance to watch matches from their own media channels.

Plug-and-Play Lighting System -- For amateurs and professionals alike, spending time on the tennis court to practice is essential to improved performance. For example, most tennis enthusiasts tend to extend their training sessions till late evenings. To provide adequate lighting, contractors have traditionally relied on tall masts and poles. However, plug-and-play LED bars are likely to replace the need for masts or poles. These bars attach snugly to the top of any constructed fence surrounding the court. It is good news for construction contractors, since eliminating lighting poles reduces construction time and cost significantly.

Advanced Tactile Surface -- The need for real-time information retrieval has become a priority for tennis clubs and competition organisers. The advanced tactile surface is a technology that detects every ball bounce on the court as well as the exact position of the player. The information is then displayed in real time on a court-side screen. Installation of an advanced tactile surface is simple; however, the technology only integrates with synthetic and resin court surfaces. Therefore, if you specialise in synthetic surface courts, your clients will appreciate the advanced tactile surface technology.

On-Court Tech Kiosk -- The constant improvement of client experience is of utmost importance to recreational tennis clubs. High-end tennis clubs are installing a camera-and-kiosk system in their regular courts to enhance the customer experience. The technology allows both recreational and professional tennis players to enjoy a competitive match with friends without the need for a professional umpire. As the cameras track the ball, the information is stored and made accessible in the on-court kiosk.