Symptoms of Foundation Decline That Warrant Underpinning Services

30 October 2018
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Underpinning is a form of foundation repair whereby piers are installed into your home's foundation to bolster its stability. While it is not mandatory that you will end up requiring underpinning services, there is always the likelihood of your foundation deteriorating with time due to several reasons, including poor workmanship, the use of poor quality supplies and the constant change of the soil's composition. All these potential issues can lead to the integrity of your foundation becoming compromised, which inevitably negatively affects the integrity of your entire structure. If you have never had to contend with foundation problems before, below are symptoms of decline that could warrant underpinning services.

Fractures, cracks and fissures

One of the initial glaring signs of impeding foundation problems is the development of unusual cracks on your walls. As your foundation starts to settle, it causes the walls to shift. As a result, the structure begins to develop fissures and fractures on an array of places including the floors, ceilings and so on. While hairline cracks may seem reasonable for any structure, they become a serious problem once they begin to lengthen. Furthermore, it is essential to inspect the house for any gaps at the exterior walls, as these are also indicative of foundation issues. Rather than calling on a concert contractor to fill in the fractures, it is advisable first to have a foundation specialist determine if underpinning will resolve the issue once and for all.

Sinking of the structure

The second symptom of foundation decline that should have you deliberating on underpinning services is sinking of the home. Sine sinking tends to happen gradually over time, you may not feel it occurring. Nonetheless, you can carry out a visual inspection of the structure to determine if one side looks lower than the rest of the structure. Sinking occurs when the soil under the property shifts, causing the structure to settle. The more settling that happens, the more unstable your structure becomes. Fortunately, a foundation specialist can lift the entire structure through underpinning services.

Sticky window frames and door frames

While most symptoms of foundation damage will manifest outdoors, there are also some signs indoors that will be indicative of a compromised foundation. One typical sign to be wary of is jammed door and window frames. This jamming makes it difficult to open and close the doors and windows. Moreover, you could also notice that your doors are sagging, causing them to drag on the floor. Instead of re-installing your doors, you should have your foundation inspected first.