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3 Marine Construction Projects to Help Upgrade Your Residential Waterfront Property

If you have waterfront property of any kind, you may be considering upgrades to that property. There are some upgrades that benefit not only you but also the curb appeal and value of the property. If you are considering your options, here are three marine construction projects that can help you upgrade your residential waterfront property.

1. Floating Dock

One of the key projects that many people with waterfront property have done is a floating dock. Floating docks are ideal if you are in an area where there are severe storms that cause flooding or can damage a traditional deck. The key feature of the floating docks is that they move with the water. As the water rises, the dock rises. You can also take up the dock and store it during off seasons or if your waterfront property is a seasonal home with no occupants through part of the year.

2. Boathouse Installation

If you own one or more boats, you may want to have a docking option for them that is safe. One of the options a marine contractor can install is a boathouse. The boathouse can hold not only your boat but also any accessories that go with your boats. They can also store water vessels such as canoes or floats that you use during the warmer seasons. The boathouses can also be designed to keep your boat in dry dock, or out of the water if they will not be in use for several months of the year. Most closed boathouses will keep your boats and gear safe from heavy winds and snowfall as well.

3. Sea Walls and Barriers

Depending on where you are located, you may find that your property could benefit from a seawall or barrier. This can help prevent erosion as well as flooding of the property during heavy rains and heavy storm seasons. The seawall or barriers can be made from various materials and built to suit your property needs and layout. For this marine construction project, you will likely need a consultation and evaluation of your property before design begins.

If any of these three marine construction projects sound good to you, contact your local marine contractor. They can help you with a consultation and evaluation of your options. They can also answer your questions about pricing and scheduling of your project. They can also help you with various designs for the entire property that will benefit you overall and help with erosion, curb appeal and storage for your marine needs. 

For more information, contact your local commercial marine contractors.

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