Coastal Construction Projects: Do You Need to Hire a Barge?

26 October 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Working on construction projects close to the sea has some challenges. These aren't like regular inland construction jobs. You may have access restrictions and difficulties using vital equipment.

If you think things might get tricky, then you can get some help from a marine transport company that hires out barges. How can a barge make your project go more smoothly?

Getting Materials to the Site

If you're working in a remote area of the coast close to the sea, then you can't expect to have perfect roads that will take you directly to the spot where you'll start work. You may be able to get close but not as close as you'd like.

This can make it harder to get materials and equipment on to the site. If you don't have full and direct access, then you may need to off-load your stuff as close as you can and then magic up a way to get everything over to your work area.

A marine barge gives you a different option by using a different approach. The barge can take your materials, tools and equipment to the site by sea and then unload them onto land. If your site backs on to the water, then this may give you a closer drop-off point.

Getting Better Equipment Access

If the job you're working on sits directly on the coast, then one side of the project faces the water. Depending on the actual location, you may not be able to work from this side as much as you need to.

For example, you may not be able to get bigger pieces of equipment or machinery, like cranes, on to the seaward side of the site. There may not be enough room, or the ground may not be stable enough to safely hold heavy equipment.

While you can do most jobs from the back or sides of the site where there is more room and things are safer, there may be times when this isn't an ideal solution. If you hire a marine transport barge that has a built-in crane or other equipment on it, then you can use the barge as a site to work from on the seaward side.

If you think a transport barge may be the answer to your prayers, contact local marine construction contractors. Explain your problems to them; they'll be able to help you find the right solution.