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4 Reasons to Cover Your Patio with a Skillion Roof Instead of a Shade Sail

If you want to add a patio to your property, you've probably been thinking about adding some kind of covering to keep off the sun and the rain. Shade sails are a common low-cost solution, but you might want to think about having a skillion roof built instead. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Sharper Style

Shade sails are often used for economy rather than style. It's true that they can look wonderful thanks to the various material shades, but most people prefer the look of permanent structures. A skillion roof looks professional, and it never stops looking its best. When you take a shade sail down, the support posts will look a little out of place and bring down your property's style.

2. Complete Cover

You can design your skillion roof to completely match the footprint of your patio, so coverage will match as well. With a shade sail, that's hard to do. The way they stretch makes it very hard to cover a set area. Instead, you'll usually have some areas just outside your patio shaded and some areas within your patio open to the elements. That makes it harder to keep your patio clean and makes it tougher to seat everyone comfortably when you're having a larger get-together.

3. More Options

Skillion patios are fixed structures made from more substantial materials than a simple piece of fabric and some support poles. As such, you have greater opportunity to personalize your patio cover. The most obvious aspect is in terms of material; whether you want the rustic appearance of timber or the modern appearance of metal, skillion roofs can deliver. Additionally, you'll have the freedom to include several extras. Maybe you want a skylight to provide added light during the day? Or how about built-in lighting to help out when you're entertaining at night? That's all possible with a skillion roof, but not with a shade sail.

4. Fixed to Your Property

Shade sails can't really be fixed to your property—if you tried adding a support to your home, the tension would end up doing damage, and there would still be a gap between the property and your covered area. In contrast, most skillion roofs are attached to your property. That doesn't just help present a seamless appearance, but it also means you'll be able to step right out into a covered area. Essentially, you can open up the doors and create one large living space that bridges the indoors and outdoors.

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