Top Reasons to Consider Timber Wall Frames as Building Materials for Your Australian Home

15 June 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Many things come into play when constructing a house, from the flooring options to the roofing materials. One vital aspect that you have to consider is your home's structure. You must have a structure that is strong and stable to ensure your home stands strong. That means choosing building materials that offer these properties. 

Though contractors use various materials in making wall frames, wood has remained a popular choice over the decades. That is because of the exceptional benefits offered by timber wall frames as your building materials, and they include the following.

They Are More Sustainable

Timber has been a popular construction material for years. That shows how sustainable wood can be. Moreover, many of the states that supply timber follow the policy of ensuring they grow more trees than they cut down. Therefore, every time a tree is cut down, a few are grown to replace it. Because of that, there is a lower chance of having a shortage of timber. 

They Are Easy to Use

One amazing fact about wood installation is that one does not need special certifications and skills like steel and concrete. Moreover, the contractors don't use specialised techniques that can potentially increase the time spent on the project. That means you can get your project completed within the set time. 

Another good thing about wood is it is often readily available. You may not have to spend a lot of cash or wait for long periods to get the building material you need. Finally, repairing and maintaining wood when it ages is easy and goes a long way to increase the structure's aesthetics.

They Offer Better Insulation

As long as the right materials are used in building a timber wall frame, you are sure to create the right balance of insulation and heat retention. Though most people consider brick a superior insulation material, you only enjoy these benefits if your house is strategically situated. 

Living in a brick home can be especially unpleasant with Australia's climate. On the other hand, wood is a natural insulator, and timber wall frames are designed like insulated panels. Therefore, they create an air-tight and energy-efficient home, reducing your utility bills. 

Using timber for your wall frames offers the amazing benefits listed above. However, you must get the construction right to enjoy great results. So, take the time to find an experienced and reputable contractor to help you create robust and stunning wall frames.