Why Does Glass Stand Out Among Many Splashback Choices?

7 October 2019
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Your kitchen is the one place you should never compromise when it comes to quality and functionality. Possibly, it needs to be the best-looking section of your house because you spend lots of time in there when preparing edibles. It is also an excellent opportunity to assert your exquisite taste of materials, colours and finishes. You can start by choosing a suitable splashback for your kitchen. A splashback is a protective panel or screen installed behind a cooker or kitchen sink. Its purpose is to protect the walls from all kinds of splashes coming from the sink or cooking area. Here is why you need to choose glass splashbacks above everything else.

There Is a Range of Colour Choices

Everyone has a personal preference when it comes to interior décor. Some people prefer a laid-back and conservative approach with dark colours dominating the interior. On the contrary, some are a little adventurous with their interior. Such people can do a mix of bright colours to add life and make small spaces seem larger than they are. For this reason, you need a material that gives many colour options for your splashback. Glass tops the list here with many colour tints available to homeowners.

There Is No Obscuring

You might want to install a splashback surface without interfering with the existing look on the wall. If you go for opaque splashbacks made from materials like stainless, you will obscure the beauty of your painted or tiled wall. On the other hand, glass can deliver a transparent splashback that still exposes all the beauty on your wall. It is capable of what other materials cannot do. 

There Is No Struggle Cleaning

Splashback panels always take one for the team in the kitchen. They stand in the way of dirt, grease, soup, moisture and oil by keeping them away from the walls. Certainly, a material meant to do this job should be easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe using warm water and clean, soft cloths should get the material looking as good as new. The technique works for glass all the time. It is quite practical and straightforward when it comes to cleaning. Glass cleaning solutions are also available in stores, and you can use them in place of water. 

There Is Excellent Heat Resistance 

Materials used for panelling and decorating your interior should have good resistance to heat, especially when used in the kitchen. Thankfully, glass splashbacks contain silica or soda lime, which enhances their ability to stand up to high temperatures. The splashback will not warp or melt.

For more information, contact a glass splashback supplier.