Your Guide to Choosing Between A Private and Council Building Certifier

13 September 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Are you constructing a new building or simply undertaking some major additions, improvements or renovations? A building certification will have to be done first. Building certification typically involves checking as well as approving any building work to ensure that it complies with all the legal and building codes regarding health, safety, sustainability, etc. However, before your building work is approved, you will need a building certifier to work on the inspections and permits. Building certifiers can work privately or be employees of the local government. If you are not sure whether to choose a private or local government (council) certifier, this guide will help make your selection much easier.


Cost is among the key aspects to consider when choosing between a private and a council building certifier. Since private certifiers work for themselves, they can be a little more expensive than their council counterparts. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your building construction or improvement costs at a minimum, choosing a council building certifier would be the best option.


Delays are some of the top contributors to going over your budget. That's why speedy services will go a long way into ensuring you don't spend more than you should on your project. Generally, private building certifiers are faster in their approvals and certifications than council certifiers. Private certifiers need to generate their income, which is why most of them would want to do as many inspections as possible, taking as little amount of time as possible on each building. For council certifiers, on the other hand, working on many inspections could mean straining the budgets of the local council. Therefore, approvals will, in most cases, take longer.


Do you have any questions pertaining to your building certification and approvals? Many building owners would prefer direct and personal contact with their building certifiers in this regard. A private building certifier is just a phone call or an email away. Since local councils use many building certifiers, it can be hard to get direct contact to one without going through the council first.


Private building certifiers tend to be a little more thorough in their inspections and reports. That's because they understand the need to provide quality services to stay ahead of the competition with other private building certifiers. However, if your private building certifier doesn't show up for whatever reason, your project will delay. What's more, finding a replacement quickly can be a challenge. Therefore, to avoid such issues, always keep contacts of more than one private building certifier when looking for one.