Selecting the Best Cladding for a Home

18 May 2020
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Cladding is a layer that is adhered to the outer surface of a home. The purpose of external cladding is to provide protection from harsh weather conditions that would otherwise wear out the outer surface of the building and cause moisture to reach the inner structural elements. Cladding also adds aesthetic appeal to the property and also plays a part in the value of the property once it's construction is complete. Read More 

Modern Contemporary Homes: Learn Key Features

19 February 2020
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Modern contemporary homes have a dynamic design thanks to their minimalistic style and clean lines, which offer a distinct curb appeal. What separates them from other designs is the use of natural materials, geometric shapes and asymmetric features. Since the design is driven by function and simplicity, the interiors of the house feature open spaces that allow plenty of light. From today's modern homes to the classic mid-century designs, contemporary homes combine practicality and beauty. Read More 

3 Advantages of Timber Fencing

13 December 2019
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Fencing is an affordable and reliable method of safeguarding property. In addition to protection, a good fence can increase privacy and the value of the property, especially when you use high-quality materials. There are many fencing materials, but timber is one of the most popular fencing materials in Australia. It is durable and brings other benefits to the user. If you are looking for an ideal fencing material for your property, read this guide to know why you should choose top quality fencing timber for your property. Read More 

3 Useful Skylight Window Features

24 November 2019
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If you're building up into your roof space, then skylight windows are a good way of bringing light into the room. You may want to go for opening windows rather than ones that are permanently closed to ensure you get good ventilation as well as light. However, you may not be sure which additional features to go for. Which features are the most useful? 1. Solar-Automated Opening Adding automation to a skylight makes it easier to operate. Read More 

Got kids? How to protect your timber floors from toddler damage

23 October 2019
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Kids brighten up any home, but they also come with lots of responsibility. After spending time changing diapers, picking up toys and preparing meals, you also shouldn't forget about your floors. Timber floors are warm, safe, and durable choices for your home. They're one of the best types of floors for kids because children can play around with a low risk of getting injured. And while timber is safe for children, children can cause damage to your floors if you don't practice proper maintenance. Read More